Looking for a Platinum I or II team

LFT – Level 73 (May be higher soon with fortification event and all that) – Gold I to Platinum I or II


Language: English
Time Zone: Central
Played time: About 7 months on this account, had another account but lost it
Age Range: 14, 15 next month
Elite Account?: No
Dragon Roster Includes: Ember, Ettin, Danzig, Bander, Yersinu, Whalegnawer, Consurgens, Gunnar, and Dreth
Highest Lineage Dragon: Whale/Cons

About: Hello to any certainty individual viewing this. I read forums frequently but don’t really say much, so excuse me if anything I say seems strange. I’m a level 73 and am in a desperate search for a team with atlas. I want to be able to have more speedups to get more points in fortification events and go up more levels. I already have about 6 or 7 other teams I have in mind to join after this fortification event, but if anyone sees this and has another suggestion, I will look into it. One more thing, the team must have at least 90/100 team activity, because I’m a very active person myself. Thanks for reading if you did!


Plat 1 and 2 is definitely to high for your current level especially for the new war changes that are coming soon. I’d stick in gold 1 to plat 4. Push higher once you get higher but at 73? (Or whatever) that’s a big hinderance.

You’re a mature youngun Jalen. Ghosteam would be a good fit for you. With Orca as their leader, they’d have a clean and supportive environment. :rose:

Gowrefugees is an awesome team we have requirements for events and atlas events.

I found a new team. I don’t need this thread anymore :slight_smile: @moderators

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Yay! Glad you found a new home. Hopefully it works out well and you won’t need this thread reopened :sweat_smile:

I’ll go ahead and close it. If you did need it reopened, just shoot us a message :kissing_heart: