Looking for a platinum team

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Looking fir a platinum team

LFT – 40 MaDkiller3079


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Hey I’m looking for a new supportive team which do wars and events well and should be platinum tier :blush:

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Check out 50ShadesOfFire, we are in platinum 4, highly active, perform well in events and wars. very active in atlas. Love to have ya in the team. if not good luck finding a home


Thanks for information. I would love to join your team but your team is full. If you can create a place let me know :blush:

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Hey madkiller we still have one spot opening on the team feel free to apply

Currently as you know temple raid event is going on so i will apply as soon as it ends. I hope you guys will accept.

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Yep! Contact wildfire about joining, tell em ghost sent ya. Look forward to seeing you in the team!

Sure thanks you :blush:

Sandslingers is looking to fill a few spots . Send me mail and lets get you into a fun very active team. Dave051. Thank you

A little late to the party, but are you still LFT?

Email DreadPirateRob in game !

I am a level 73 noob. Want to learn atlas and will. E pushing to get to level 84 this event to get my dragons to gold. I am building troops but only have the one primarch. Want an active group I. Events and war. If you have what I need let me know.

checkout ghouldragons,email xjdawgx(ign)

Come check out PlatosRepublic. We’re an active, competitive team that always places highly in events. We are a Platinum team and have Atlas. We’d be glad to have you.

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