Looking for a relaxed Atlas team

Thanks again everyone!

I think I’m all set now.

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Congrats on your baby! You’re making the right choice by cutting back … family first. :+1:t3:


Message me in game. Minimum event and war is mandatory.

P.S.: you can come in even right now.

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Fafs is also relaxed in events no min its regrowing

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Ghosteam is recruiting :wink:


We are always looking for people for khaleesikillas. We understand family comes first and can work with you on our minimums. Shoot me a message if tour interested or apply to the team and give us a shot. We do have a castle of each element and our only atlas minimum is 16k troops saved for defending castles.

Congrats on the new little one.

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SandSlingers has foot rubs!

(sent you PM)

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Thanks everyone, for all of the many congratulations, thread posts, PM’s, and in game mails.

Not to be too difficult, but it’s more time consuming to juggle the various methods of communication than it would be to just suck it up and meet my current team minimums :rofl:

Please PM me if you think I might be a fit. Please let me know things like your required minimums, atlas ranking (higher isn’t necessarily better, I just want to know what to expect), and daily egg tribute, as well as anything pertinent to the team dynamic that makes it appealing to you.

Thanks again everyone :beers:

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Thanks again everyone, for all the interest and thoughtful messages.

Mods, please close this thread :+1::beers:

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Closing :slight_smile:

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