Looking for a Sapphire Team - Im lv205

HI all
Im looking for a Sapphire Team :slight_smile:
Im lv205 and this is my rooster ( all are full Garnets ) :slight_smile:

Avyx + expert Oksana and full gears
Necryx + Grogg and full gears
Aibrean + Atlas Rider and some gears
Nollaig + Kayla
Apophet (sapphire)

I consider myself a competitive person and I am looking for a team in Sapphire that positions itself at least among the top 5 :slight_smile:
Thx u all

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KelsArmy would be interested in your application.
We were until recently in Sapphire, but have dipped into Plat1 and are rebuilding and reinforcing before our return.
We are always full of course, but send an application if youโ€™re interested and weโ€™ll get in touch.


Message Linna or Apollo

Celtic War Heros we arenโ€™t sapphire but platinum 2

Apply to theElitefamily and one of our officers will take a peek

You should apply to Albertaunbound. We were Sapphire 2 but a couple of unannounced leaves left us vulnerable and we have slipped down. We are rebuilding and want to get back to that level ASAP. We have a strong Atlas alliance. The Free Trade alliance is ranked 23rd and our team controls 4 castles. Thatโ€™s an extra 460 tokens a day. Give it some thought.

Please apply to GuildNights, weโ€™ll talk.

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