Looking for a Sapphire team

Played time: 2 years about ( I had to restart because I changed from Apple to Android)
Age Range: 24
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Borgian + rider ( Borgina) / Necryx + full Grogg and his gears / Avyx + full Kayla ( complete set of dark gears ) / Aibrean / Leos / Apophet / Nollaig
Highest Lineage Dragon: Mythic Sapphire Apophet ( First garnet will be Jul )

About: My current nick is Praetoriano. Im lv158 and im very active player that put a lot of effort into everything ( never missed a War, never / events / Atlas etc ). During the events I spend all my resources getting a great score ( I put the screenshot of the last event as an example. Was Breeding ). I am looking for a team in Sapphire that appears to be in the TOP 5 in the events.
Thx u all

We are a NORMALLY sapphire 3 team who dropped to plat 1 due to a merger, and then recently after declaring 4 wars that could have easily been won and would have started us back into S3, 3 people left in the middle of the wars and yet again set us back, so we are looking for RELIABLE members to join us into getting back to sapphire. We WILL get there for atlas we are extremely determined. We are very organized in war waves, have set rooms for xp runs, rss, and war to ensure everyone gets help and taken care of. Even with the chaos of mergers and flaky members we still finished top 3 of event. Message me in game or just apply🤘
Team is EndOfDaysPlay
Will say full, but you know how that goes… there is ALWAYS room​:purple_heart::purple_heart:

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HOW many players can you take on, our team has recently split due to internal differences and ins looking for a merge style join up.

COLDBREWCREW is plat 1 and looking for a few members: LFM - S3 (Atlas) - ColdBrewCrew looking for active teamplayers (garnet+ & above)

Hey (Sorry I’m terrible at the forums) I don’t know exactly, but stef (leader) will know exactly

I dont need anymore

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