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Time Zone:eastern
Played time: 2 years
Age Range: +18
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes: noctuna, aibream, fom all with max stones

Highest Lineage Dragon:noctuna, aibream, fom.
For a team D1 or D2 my level is 295


I’m from Juggernauts. I know you mentioned D2 or D1, but we are a Plat 2 team with atlas AND we have 4 cities! We get 836 tokens daily (400 from plat and 436 from atlas) With your dragons and levels, we would have a better shot a reaching Sapphire! We have many bigger players on the team! We have many 200+ and a 300! We would love to have you if you would consider us!

If you have any interest or questions, feel free to message me in game!

Hope to see you flying with us!


:thinking: maybe I’ll come “visit”…



Hi check out thedoghouse we are an S2 team with a good allies in atlas.

We have atlas and are in sapphire. Hit me up here or in game The eternalones

We are going through a rebuild and the team we have is very stable now. Working are way back up team name HostileIntent. Have 5 alt accounts want to kick a couple alts to use for later. Come fly with us.

Check out TheWendol! Super stable, friendly team. We work hard…together!

Check out YinYanWarriors. We are Sapph3 and have Atlas. Our players are experienced and active and we have plenty that can back you.

Apply to IrishDragons :slight_smile: We have Atlas, castles, and will be returning to sapph this week! Several players with Harb dragons, over 300, work well together and looking to move up in league soon!

Message FinnMcCuhmaill if interested! Let him know Drey sent you!

We have some open spots and we are active :heart:

Check out DrakoElite in Platinum 1. We have Atlas and are fun, kind, welcoming, competitive, and hardworking team

Check out LegionofGodz we are a very active group that do war and events. And expect the same. We also give rss freely and defend XP runs to build baby dragon quick. So feel free de to check us out and join us.


Check out Celtic war heros platinum 2 team with atlas

You are welcome to come to our team LegionofGodz. Come and check us out.

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