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Looking for New Team to help create a strong community of players

LFT – Level 52, ready for next building event to get to around level 60 or70 PencilxxxGold 1 to `Platinum any league’


Language: English
Time Zone: not telling for the safety of myself soz
Played time: about 6 months
Age Range: not telling for reasons above
Elite Account?: no, I don’t think so
Dragon Roster Includes: Kullecid, Sho’Groth, Etting, Ith, Enki, Hildr, Gunnar
Highest Lineage Dragon: Ettin, working on Hugin

I’m an active player that plays for over an hour every day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I am reasonably active in Atlas but I am currently focussing on moving up in level and getting higher lineage dragons. In terms of points achievements, I always strive to get the five stars for team chest, but my timezone clashes with Pg’s so it is kinda difficult, but I have aced it thus far. For PvP events, I strive to use up to 3 mega coins every event and commonly get well above 30k points, which is pretty high for my level apparently. I always get 5/8 for team achievements, though sometimes miss events due to my life outside the game (sorry). But I will intend to inform the leader that i will be away for a week or a couple of days.

I might be only level 52, but I do extremely well in wars and can take on a level 80 or 85 with most of my better dragons. I am a very good flyer and none of my legendary divines are capable to become green yet as I am ahead in breeding and behind in leveling.

Once I get to the Platinum dragons and get Rizar (my fav dragon, looks sick and powerful) I will become much more focussed on atlas as I currently have trouble farming glory as there aren’t that many lower levels that seem to do atlas much.

The team I am currently in I seem to be dragging a lot. I feel like, in a happy and helpful team and community, we can strive together to become a greater team.

Message me here or in-game my username is Pencilxxx as I would love to join your team!


U r in p4 team currently. I know some of their members, they are active as you are so it is kind of a casual team in my opinion.
As for your performance, it sounds like you are fit in the team till you reach higher lvl.
You need to step up your game if you want to go to higher league.

Ps: Naming a team u r leaving in the forum is not a good idea. Also just for your info: your leader tried recruiting me when I currently quit the game. So he is doing as much as he can to keep the team going.

DragonFather left the team
he was the leader, and we are now a gold 1 team

:scream::scream::scream::scream: my bad :hugs: ok go up to plat team somewhere then :hugs:
Good Luck :four_leaf_clover:

thank you

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