Looking for a team after event is over

Language: English
Time Zone: EST
Played time: About 2 years in total ( had to start over)
Age Range: 28
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: ronin and meglok
Highest Lineage Dragon: noctua this event.

About: looking for a more laid back team, I am coming from a sapp 2 team that is replacing me.
I am not as active as I used to be but I still log on daily.
I have 150k+ troops and I am level 216.


Me too

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Come check out GenocideDragon. We fell to P2 after last pvp but should be back in P1 next week. We have atlas and castles in all elements.

We are a “chill team” who have atlas access. Unfortunately we only have one castle. Only requirement is war and minimums on event and daily quest. Contact me if you are interested. Either here or in main game.

Check out khaleesikillas. We have minimums but they are easily met with even free to play alts. The minimums are mostly there to show your active is all.

We are a plat 3 team with atleast 1 castles of each element and a kick @$$ alliance. Message me here or on game (the 0 in my name are zeros) if you interested and would like to know the minimums.

Lots of options!
NewbieNoobs is a Plat1 team 1 team, 11 castles and I’m there…I don’t know how much that’s worth…but feel free to reach out!

LastProphecy. Message me here or in game. Same name. 6 castles, all 5 elements, plat 2. Not super intense.

Ghosteam is recruiting :grin:

P4 team with relaxed Atlas…


You should also check out the FlyingArrows

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Sparklemotion platinum 2 atlas 9 castles 5ta

Have a look at TheDecendants we are currently looking for players and if you have any questions you can add me on line app my line ID is nathanwood89 and we can talk

Thank you all for the interest. I will be taking the 3 days in the event to weigh my options. The best way to reach me is in game or line. Same name in game and my line id is sstew59

Orca are you taking a break, thought you were up in sapp or diamond?

Orca is the leader of her own team now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Nah, I stay in Plat wih my friends :grin:


Darkshades is p2 and recruiting.

Check us out at TheOddSquad2! We are a great team and have some phenomenal core people. We love to help and grow.

Check out Oldfartz we are a gold 2 team were a no kick, no pressure team but, we do expect you to do your wars.

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