Looking for a team/family?

The Blaxknightz has 6 slots open for new members who want to work together to grow and have fun!

Plat 4 team with atlas and a castle and will be gaining another soon

Lvl 45+ minimum of 30k troops at all for lvl 45s to 100s and 70k troops for lvls 101 and up to stay on the team long term

Monthly gold must be at least 10m for lvl 45s to 100 and 30m for 101 and up to stay on the team long term unless great effort is shown

We have a low tax rate and our bank is almost always full

Monthly kills for lvls 45 to 100 must be 300k and for 101 and up must be 700k in order to stay on the team long term

We can find u a glory partner if u r struggling to earn glory

Must treat all players with respect
Must help lower lvl players
Must assist on castles
Must help allies
Must communicate if going to be away from game due to real life
We understand tht Real life comes first just let us know if ur gonna be able to login but if u get autokicked ur more than welcome to re-join what’s u return
We do not require anyone to purchase anything

Leader with 7 almost 8 years experience was a beta tester

Time Zone:Any
Played time:any
Age Range: any
Elite Account?:not required
Dragon Roster Includes:any
Highest Lineage Dragon:any

About: we love to talk and have group calls and an active team chat



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I think they mean the player must contribute that much gold to the castle bank a month. Dont know if theyre counting tax as part of it or not :woman_shrugging:

Bro thats not possible is it without elite? And what 20 percent tax? :rofl:

I know that, you know that, but its best not to question it. Just shrug and keep going.

Aaaaaaand so this doesnt get flagged for off topic, cause god forbid we comment about the gold thing, best of lucky OP finding those 6 people.

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good luck with that

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It is possible I have players doing it right now and players r required to show tht they r trying

My players do tht now

It is possible without elite

Thank u and I’m full now

What are you running? A gold mine? This is a war game, not fill the team bank game :rofl:
And that too players just starting the game in level 100s where they need the gold for themselves and you are gunna leech them off?


Thts monthly gold I never said bank donations u r assuming tht but tht is not what I wrote. Reread my post

Nope they must farm tht much gold what they choose to do with it is their choice

I’ll just keep my gold thank you very much. Like a leprechaun, don’t find my pot of gold :joy:

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Where did I say must be donated no the must earn tht idc what they do with it

she means the players lvl 45-100 must have that much activity that killing beasts can get them 10M+ gold per month. Then they can use it however they see fit.
still 30M is too much for lvl 100-200 unless they have elite
@DragonQueen2 specify that next time when u post an LFM


Jeeze, those are some high requirements :flushed:


and noone in her team even comes close lol


Its the 8th of the month and if a player shows effort they r fine

Not really and if they show effort they r fine. I push my players to be their best