Looking for a team for 5 accounts

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LFT – Sapphire 3 and above


Language: English
Time Zone: Asian
Played time: 2.5 years
Age Range: 25+
Elite Account?: None, quit the game for a while and didn’t purchase back after we came back to the game at the start of this season.
Dragon Roster Includes: Pathox, Sakura, Axi
Highest Lineage Dragon: Vanguard

About: 2nd account is my alt level 330, all details are similar except highest lineage dragon is harbinger.

3rd account is my friend level 356, time zone is US, similar details as mentioned above with highest lineage dragon is harbinger.

4th and 5th account are her alts, level 313 and 280 respectively.

We are active and did just fine without elite this season with proper planning, completed 2 lines. All accounts have 100k troops and above and yes all 5 accounts have to be together. PM me in-game if anyone is interested or has an opening for us.
Thank you.

VendexEmpire S2 looking for new players, if you can active both of you please apply .


Check out NewbieNoobs, sapphire 3 with atlas :blush: we’d love to have all you

Check out PaddyDragon, looking for sapphire in new season

Did you find a home?

Please consider bringing your members to my team. Need leaders as well
Would rally love you to join me. 2 members but wanting to build. Both members 200+. Need leader as well if interested. Message me in game team name is BalerionStrong or you can message me @ xXXDempseyXXx or BeautyfromAsh

They did find :eyes:


Oops sry forgot to close this. @moderators please close, found a team already

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Closing :slight_smile: