Looking for a team for a friend of mine

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: 4 years
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Calavore, Mordred, LJ
Highest Lineage Dragon: Verdant

She is allergic to the forum lol.
She is a very active player, both on atlas and in normal events. She is a level 560, 37B DP.
Total troops: 1M
Look for a team to enjoy herself killing enemy primarchs, doing good pvp events and new acquaintances. The league isn’t important, the important thing is that there is high / good activity on atlas, 10/10 chests and if possible the 1200 seals (or at least in fortification and breeding events).

If you are interested PM me here, in the game or on LINE (ID line: freddezza). I’ll make sure she get all the messages.


My team doesn’t get the 10/10 or 1200 sigils but if your friend decides to lower their standards some hit me up. lol


Daedalus, don’t you do it
You are getting too good at this recruiting stuff

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TheAnkou have a few openings at the moment as well, might be interesting for her. Definitely active in atlas (think somewhere top 20 monthly kills), and of course 10/10 chest and 8/8 are standard.


she has chosen a team. Thank you all.

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