Looking for a team in platinum 2


• Looking for a team in platinum 2 (or 1 if possible ) with weekly medal requirements, and a team that doesn’t fail to earn 250 flames in wars.

• Adult family friendly team with no drama ONLY

• This is who I am ↓↓↓

• Currently lv 90 and going to breed next
*krysos+consurgens =nosier , necra
*lumen+necra=whale, Kulan →If I can make necra to a breedable lvl in time (rare chance tho)

•My weekly medal contribution is somewhere between 500K - 1M .

•I get at least 10 personal prizes in events. Sometimes more but not less.

•Willing to BU for XP runs always. But prefer to do mine on my own after the baby dragons are able to solo XP bases.

•Definitely need help for war attacks but will defend 3 - 5 hours straight when I have my day off. Able to attend wave attacks and pre-war attacks once I reached to a lvl I can.

•I’m Japanese if u care about time zone, not fluent in English but able to communicate.

Already told my leader that I’m looking for an active team where there is a less gap in teammates dedication but will stay for the next breeding event. Have to consider when to join so that they won’t loose war from having empty slots.

Hope I will find a team soon, thanks :yum:


FlashingDragon would love to have you :smile:


Check out deathdealers. Family team, very active, always 250 in wars. We’re borderline plat 1 and plat 2. Currently in plat 2 as we don’t want to move up too fast. Message leader or any officer in game if you are interested. Tell them grumpy sent you.


Hello dear our team is plat 1 it’s 3rdDegreeBurns I’m QueenAlpha90 and we also have a member from Singapore and India so were a fully culturally team check us out and drop me a message if your interested :hugs::grin:


Hi tabby

We are a plat 1 team, hellfirecrows and are currently looking for new members. One of our most active members is calimelo Who Happens to be japanese

Message one of the officers or calimelo if you want to join


Thank you all :grinning: I’ll consider and send mails to u all​:blush:


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