Looking for a team s1 or higher after event

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LFT – level 445 `` – yourLeague to requestedLeague


Time Zone:est
Played time:3years
Age Range: 35+
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes:all expert Uvs,tuktu,evaket, pathox, itzani, jorm, balham, oni
Highest Lineage Dragon:empyrean

About:looking for new home before next event s1 or higher



Nice video!

Ty i try :raised_hands:


Nice video :+1:t3:

Luv it Great Music

I’m just learning to fly Itz right now, but on the very first run there why did you wait for the full shadow strike to lapse instead of just blinking it? You just used sand and then went into shadow strike again without using the damage buff

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Im still learning with him even tho i have had him for so long i just need alot more practice with him lol

@moderators plz close post has been resolved and ty all for the amazing invites to some extremly badass teams

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