Looking for a team with atlas

Lvl 178, very active player. Looking for sapphire 1 or 2 team. Always active in wars and events.

Fly high :smile:

SKYOVERDREAM would take a look at you. Message Linna or just apply

Come and check out legionofgodz


if I could get on Atlas.:wink:

We are a sapphire 3 team with land and 4 castles. In need of a couple of active players. Check us out at UPINTHESKY and email me BlackDogMama

We are platinum and are actively searching for active players. Atlas we do have and keep pushing forward. Check out legionofgodz we are a fun group.

Hi, we bounce between S1 and S2

Email me in game or on the forum so we can get to know each other better and see if it is a good match!!

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