Looking for a team!

I am looking for a team. Currently in platinum one team.
I am pretty active and get 5/5 quests, 8/8 achievements and currently personal ranking ~ 5000 in this season. I have 800k troops in atlas. I participate in every single war. I am from US. My current team is from Asia so it is difficult to coordinate. And we miss a lot of 8/8 achievement in our team as about 10-15 people are not actively participate in every single event. It disappoints me as I want to target to get more sigils for this season. I don’t do line/ chatting outside of game. My current level is 478. I can be level 500 easily with current timer boost but I would like to save it for this season as I am targeting to get mythic ascension. I notice a lot is sapphire teams are full. Don’t know where to look for? Any suggestion to join a higher level team/ active teams. Thanks


Even tho saphire teams are full they are always on a look out for active players like you.

@moderators this belongs to recruitment topic

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How active are you in atlas ?

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Give us a try then, we are a plat 2 team- DragsIt
Active and coordinated with 5 castles and strive to get max prizes for the team.
I think you would fit right in here, primarily English.

I liked your detailed post stating exactly ‘what you are looking for’, ‘why you are looking’ and ‘what you have to offer’!!

I hope you find a good home before PvP!!


Are you still looking for a team ? Have a spot :slight_smile:

We want you in MilkieWays
International team
Platinum 2
Apply to us

Greetings SonjaRSonnej

Hostileintent is looking if interested message me in game