Looking for a team

Hi All

We are 3 very active players level 52, 61 & 70 looking for a new home preferably in Platinum I or II. Msg me in game if you have room, thanks. :blush:

Hi we just rebuilt our team we were a plat3 and just need help getting back there if u are interested we will Be In silver by Tuesday’s the team is TheAftermath

We are a gold2 team, legionpsychos and would love to have you join our team. Your base levels fight perfectly within our levels. We are a fun bunch that enjoy playing and a great teamwork guild.

Holyblades2 could be your new team. We are moving up to platinum 2 in 24hrs. Need to replace a few alt accounts

Hello, check RavenShieldz out. One of you can join and see if you like the team and if you do than we’ll gladly take you. We’re on the verge of joining platinum

Ancients is always willing to try to make space for new player. We are in Plat 2 and haven’t been pushed down to gold since I’ve been a part of the team, 3 moths). We are like a family. Activity and fun is a must! You have activity all set so I hope you are fun :grin:

Thank you everyone for the kind offers. We have found a new home. Now if someone can help me close this post :sweat_smile:


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