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Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – Lvl 243 PJohnson99` – Plat3 to Saph1 - D1

Language: English
Time Zone: Central
Played time: 8 months
Age Range: Adult
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Top three Neptus, Borg, Kinn/Moonfang
Highest Lineage Dragon: Kyrule, Using Reds Fastest Guide to Noctua. Three dragons from Noctua so should be in Obsidian next breed event

Deathdealers would love to have you join - we’re in Plat 2 though so maybe too low for you?

What attributes of a team are you looking for?

Consider StrangeDragons! We are a very active and social team who hovers around in platinum as we develop and geow together as a team. We would love to have some extra horsepower and make new friends. We have a 200 returning soon to be support for you as well.

Hello there My Name Is EvilFather,
I Lead Debilitation We Are A Former Top 5 Team In Sapphire We Were Forced To Move Into Platinum Due To The Removal Of Dead Weight, We Are Rebuilding Slowly with Additions To Our Already Powerful Core Membership We Run Into Issues Where We Bring In New Members That In The beginning Seem Willing And Committed To Building Something But Fall Short Due To Their Unwillingness To Contribute But Only Take And Leave.
We Are An Extremely Giving Team Both With RSS And EXP Runs We Are In Search Of Players Who Not Only Want To Succeed As Individuals But Grow As A Group And Are Willing To Put The Work In To Achieve This.
We Are Building Not Only Wars But Also To Achieve High Scores And Placements in Events We Never Let Anyone Fail And Our Leadership Is Available And Willing To Do What Ever It Takes To Give You What You Need To Succeed.
If You Believe You Would Like To Be Part Of Something Special And Surround Yourself With Quality People Then I Believe Debilitation Would Be An Awesome Fit For You , And You For Us.
Please Feel Free To Contact Myself Or Any Of My Officers And We Will Give You A home You Can Be Proud Of.
:crossed_swords::skull:YOURS IN DRAGON FIRE​:skull::crossed_swords:

We’d love to have you in the Seekers.

too many caps in your very well articulated write-up distracts others from reading, just a suggestion.
For me, it doesn’t feel natural to read at all . Feels Jittery tbh


We are a platinum team and we are looking for a actives and participatives players. Are you interested? Reply this mail, please.

Recruitment SoullessOnes

We have an opening in EndOfDaysPlay, S3 team. Would love to give you a home :slight_smile:

Have you found a team yet? If not, message me. We would love to talk to you.

W00kiShaN00ki is a gold team, with ties to a platinum team, that has ties to diamond…

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Not sure what is going on with my previous reply, tagging on someone elses… But we are a Platinum team with ties to a Diamond team, I send you a PM in game… let me know if you are interested.

  • Sha

Welcome to join us we are in plat 2 and always looking to get more active members to help climb the ranks. My team is valkaries

Hola.podría entrar ha tu equipo

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