Looking for a Team :)


Looking for 2 spots in a team
148 - Cooky
91 - denofdrogo

Language: English
Time Zone: European
Played time: 10 months
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: My self - (Pathox, Axi, Aib), Den - (Prospero, Tez, Aib)
Highest Lineage Dragon: My self - (Apophet next breed), Den - (Gold legs next breed)


Activity - My self
Events (Minor) - 500+ sigil mark
Events (Major) - 450+ sigil mark (Guaranteed 1200 sigil mark on team achievement)
Wars - Have never missed any
Atlas elite - Yes
Atlas troops - 180k-200k
Atlas events - 4 lines finished in current season and halfway through 5th line (Very active)

Activity - DenofDrogo
Events (Minor) - 450+ sigil mark (Most of the time)
Events (Major) - Average
Wars - Have never missed any
Atlas elite - No
Atlas troops - 30-40k
Atlas events - Not very active in Atlas.

Well, I really like my current team, however they are looking for more people involved in atlas and so sadly not ready to recruit my friend. But she got me in to this game and now shes about to quit and I really don’t want her to and so I am looking for a team that can recruit us both. I will be moving after fort obviously, so please message me here on in game if any team is ready to adopt us both :smiley:


Beastriders. We’re platinum 1 and we’d be happy to house you. Message DeadlyCinn or apply after event.


You can apply with GraveDiggers, we are Gold 1, we have a lot of players that are quite knowledgeable about this game. After this event apply.




Dragonconcra…gold1 with Atlas…relaxed team


Legacyofshadow has 2 spots open. We are gold one! We are a fun, chatty team. We have strong helpful players to help you grow, message me and come have fun with us. Dave50


Check StarsBangle
Atlas team,no drama,in top 5 in events)


Bro, skip all the posts above me and check out SandSlingers. I will personally guarantee you all the lumber you want during Feeding, and all the food you want during fortification.


Please take a look at Necromancers, we have super friendly and helpful members and we’ll be back up to Platinum 1 tomorrow. Message TheeFyreBytch if interested or have any questions.


I see what you did there. :eyes:


Check out NightCreatures in Plat 3, I can offer generic statements about how great we are that in fact fail to distinguish us from any other team.


Message sent


Hey all,

Thank you very much for your kind offers. Most of the teams I have looked at looks very solid and for now I have chosen a team to join that I thought would suit us both best. I have replied to most PMs in game and here regarding it if I missed out on some, my apologies. Good luck to you all in your recruitment and thanks again for your offers ! :hugs::heart: See you all in game ! :eyes:

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