Looking for a top 15 diamond 1 team


I’m a level 266 base player I have most of the sapphire dragons and half of the garnets dragons, I’m starting with the emerald dragons , I’m half way to getting Ferga, I play the game several hours a day, I’m a team player and never miss a war, I know how important that’s to a team, to any top 15 team in the diamond 1 league, let me know, if you are interested, thanks.


Good luck finding a team past D2 with only garnet tier dragons…


yeah. aiming too high friend. u should really get d2 experience first anyway.


My crew crimsondragons dragons looking for a new member, we currently in plat but aim to b back in saph by next week. Check us out anyways


You could maybe swing lower 10 D1 with those dragons, but top 15 likely won’t take you since you’re a bit behind


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