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LFT – yourLevel 93yourNamemrdragon1000 – yourLeagueplatinum 3 to requestedLeagueall platinum


Time Zone:EST
Played time:6 to 10 hours a day
Age Range: all
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes: gold haku, whale, green gunnar
Highest Lineage Dragon: whale

About: I am a VERY active and quite friendly. I will speak my mind, and lead others quite easily.

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Apply to khaleesikillas :slight_smile: i joined this cool team two weeks ago and we re quite active. I was an atlas beginner and I’m having a lot of fun

TemplarsofRuin is looking for active players.

dragonhatchery Gold I - English - I’m an officer of the team, and can say we’re a currently full but have openings opening potentially after this event. Great members who love to help, we are growing swiftly up the ranks, and hope to add more active players to the team! Send an application if interested, and good luck either way find a new team!

GODSnDRAGONS is looking for active players. We’re a very active/fun team. If you want some details I’ll link my recruitment post below or you can message me in game/on here. Good luck with your search!

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