Looking for Active Atlas Members


LFM – Platinum 1 – SantoDracones – 30+


Looking for three active members for wonderful team after event is over!

Please message NS4ever in-game if interested!

Language: English fluency (can be non-native language)
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Any
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account: Not Required
Dragon Roster Includes: Any
Highest Lineage Dragon: Blue Minimum


  • 30% dragon XP over max at each mine or poacher! :dragon_face:

  • An extra 1175+ daily egg tokens! :egg:
    650 egg tokens per day from forts, 75+ per day from rider missions plus the standard league bonus

  • Rider Missions for 12x12hr speedups, 75-90 egg tokens and 3 crafting scrolls every 12 hours! :stopwatch:

  • Atlas Events like Troop, Rider and Primarch leveling which give speedups, diamonds and shards for crafting! :gem:

  • Bonus to all elemental shards! :snowflake:
    Palm Springs - Ice and Safe Zone
    Amsterdam - Earth
    London - Dark
    Hawaii - Fire
    Vancouver - Wind and NML

  • Over 70M resource capacity in team banks providing unlimited food and lumber at all times! :sheep::evergreen_tree:

  • Atlas Season to get many rewards for earning glory, including Veteran Gear! :dagger::shield:

  • 38% bonus gold and 15% reduced troop training time! :moneybag:

  • Plus a friendly, relaxed team who will help you get the most out of the game :grin::v:

We require event minimums, daily war check-in, reading the team wiki and mail plus troop training :muscle:


isnt it 12 x 15min?


No XP boost for poachers FYI.

Elite gear

Oh and good luck! Hope you get some good players!


Even at level 30 all the rider missions are for 12hr times, i just checked. :blush:


Hahahaha NO.

1*: 12 x 15mins
2*: 12 x 30mins
3*: 9 x 1hr
4*: 4 x 3hr
5*: 5 x 3hr


Thanks for the corrections guys :+1::v:


I think my friend is on this team lol. ElvenBQ


She is! & Maur. Great people. Was on a team with them when Maur was the leader lol. Random, but I thought the team name sounded familiar


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