Looking for active player all over the world

語言Language: 中文或英文Chinese and English

時區Time Zones: 全球All over

菁英帳號Elite Account: 菁英帳號優先Most Preferable

等級要求Player Level Requirement:200Lv+

龍階要求Dragon Roster Includes: 紅寶石以上Garnet or above

聯絡資料Contact Method: Line

其他要求Others Requirement:

  1. 有公會戰時,一定要打

  2. 基本活動分數要求,需達到團隊1200季符獎勵的指標

  3. 團隊合作任務,個人需達240分

  4. 海圖活躍,最少要擁有100k兵力

  5. Must attend TeamWar

  6. Basic Event Point Achievement = reach Team Achievement for 1200 festive sigils

  7. Basic Event Quest = reach 240 points or above

  8. Atlas active player, with minimum troop requirement for 100k

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