Looking for active Team

LFT – 53 InYourDreamz05GOLD 1 to Any Active Team (Event Participation)


Language: English
Time Zone:IST
Played time: around 35+ days
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Only Galgrim
Highest Lineage Dragon: Amarok

About: Pretty much very-active and still learning the game.

I haven’t really looked out for any specific or active team to join when i started playing. just joined random teams and started to learn the game, most of the team i joined either has inactive players or not contributing in events.

It’s hard down there to find good active teams , here’s a hint, pick one with Atlas

look at kingdragon73, I think they’re plat 4 at the moment with atlas. good people, except for one of them, but the rest are definitely good :wink:


Pm me in game, will gladly accept you. Active and fun team with a strong core, and also have atlas.
Pretty new team that is rebuilding. Once we hit 50/50 members we move up to higher leagues.
IGN: RabidJudgke
Team: StillAliveX

Kind regards,

Hi there,
My team is ScoundrelsDRC, We are an old team with new leadership and are working on a rebuild. We are looking for active players to join us and help make this team great again. We are very atlas focused but we do events as well, I know you said that’s important to you.
We have only had this team a week and have brought it out of silver to gold 2 and are hoping to eventually make our way back to sapphire 1 one step at a time.

If you are interested or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me in game.

Have you found a team yet?

I’ll take a look too.
Have an alt looking for a less active team than my main.
Turns out they’re more active. Oy
Snipe. Bubble. Snipe. Bubble. :joy:

Got Atlas?

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Apply to SithBlades! We have Atlas!

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