Looking for Advice: Android Tablet

My iPad is cracked to heck and back. I need something new to run my alt. I don’t need anything fancy, but what is the cheapest Android tablet out there that reliably runs War Dragons? Is there a list of Android devices that are confirmed to work with War Dragons?

This device will literally do nothing else but play War Dragons. Its a War Dragons terminal. :rofl:

I was looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab for $97 on Amazon. Anyone have one? How’s that work?

I have a Samsung Tab E 8" I believe and its garbage for the game. Can’t even load Atlas half the time, and when defenders joined it would lag out completely.

Would not recommend it lol

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I have a Samsung Tab S3 which is only 1 rev behind the latest and greatest and it barely runs this game. There is a memory leak in War Dragons Android and the client will crash at 75% RAM without fail. Set up CPU monitor and watch it crash every time right at 75%.

I have not played on Apple but I hear the game runs much better with quicker load times and maybe less client crashes.

Haven’t had too many problems on my iphone 8 plus.

Sounds like maybe I just need to get me another used iphone.

I have that Samsumg Tab A 10.1 (the one for over $200) and even basic attacks on it are painful. It can barely run the game. It takes forever just to do a run and timing attacks is impossible. It is why my mini is still mini at level 12. I couldn’t stand it for long enough to level up that account.

Wow. My wife plays on iPad mini 4 (currently $179) and it runs great with graphics all the way up. Seems like Apple is definitely the way to go as far as war dragons is concerned.


Android tablets suck for war dragons and that’s coming from an android only person. Higher end android phones handle it fine but I cant find an android tablet to run it good. I refuse to own I-anything so i only play on my note 9.

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I am using an Samsung S2 tablet and it works fine

3GB ram is important.
I have the latest budget iPad, new from apple for 329, 299 on amazon and it works great.
Also have an Phone 7plus, same chip, and it works great.
Also have a nexus 7 2013 and its not great, but works better than expected.
I also have a 50.00 noname android phone with .5 GB, and it amazingly works, but horribly funky.

Previously PG wouldn’t let you install on androids that didn’t have the RAM and display size minimum, but they seem to have removed any minimum configuration requirements.

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