Looking for an abandoned atlas team

I’m hoping to find some luck that someone has an atlas team they no has use for. We would like to bring our team something new to them. Does not need to have a castle as a lot of our members are still new to the other part of the game.

Anything out there?

IGN Mikalii


Come join nightmareguild. We’re an atlas team in the process of rebuilding.

Thanks for the PM’s regarding mergers, but we would like to take over a team as so it would be under New Management with us. We are still hopeful that a team will happen for us.

I understand :hugs::hugs: sadly I don’t know if any of those :woman_shrugging:t2: Keep me in mind if you don’t find what your looming for :hugs::hugs: good luck hun :hugs:

Time for you to become a ninja. Infiltrate an atlas team, rise up to leadership, boot everybody, and voila…

Sure, it will take you about a year (assuming you are successful at all), but it gets you what you’re looking for.

In all seriousness, I bet there are a lot of exhausted leaders out there in war dragons. I’m sure that approaching a “struggling” Atlas team with promise of new, active members in exchange for a leadership title would be well received.


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