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Language: English
Time Zone: Eastern
Played time: Various times throughout the day but mainly 5pm - 9:30pm. Play more during the weekend.
Age Range: 18
Elite Account?: As of right now, no
Dragon Roster Includes: Equestor, Kirin & Kinnara
Highest Lineage Dragon: Just reached the Orange Tier!

Hello all! I’ve had some trouble finding an active team that accepts a level 35 player. I am looking to join a team willing to work hard so we can all earn some extra Egg tokens and rank up! I participate in wars as much as I can. I am aiming to join a Gold team or better but don’t be shy to approach me if your team isn’t quite there yet!
P.s. If your team does exp runs that would also be great XD

You are welcome to apply for SavageInc ,
We are an active team looking for members.

We would love to have you

Message me in game at ’ SinistRSavage ’

Next week we will be gold 4 which is where I want this academy for our platinum team to be. You are welcomed to join Redemption2all.

We are a feeder team for our platinum

You are welcome to join my team, Thegamers2.:slightly_smiling_face: We are active, do XP runs, have a nice wiki, etc.

You can look us up to see if our team description sounds like a good fit for you (tab with a magnifying glass in the Team Meeting Hall). Please let me know if you have any questions! You can message me in the game or here. :slightly_smiling_face:

We not only do xp runs, we’ll cater especially to you.

Closed! Thank you to all! :slight_smile:

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