Looking for an Active USA Team

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Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – Level 62In Plantium but prefer Gold
Language: English
Time Zone: PST
Age Range: Mature
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes:Avyx, Aibrean, Garzev, Leos, Gladius, Kirin, Amarok
Highest Lineage Dragon: Leos

About: I am in a team I really like but everyone is on at a completely different time then I am. I would prefer a team of older players, that are mature, and US time zone as I play late sometimes but there is never anyone on. I would like to finish up the event I am in but would really love to join a team that is more in my time zone and lower players. The team I am on has some really high level players and I feel kind of small and left out.

Check out FireTeamAlpha they’re in gold 1 currently They are sister team to a platinum team so you may be able to move if you’d like down the road

We have some high levels and some around your level too but nobody gets left out here! We are all about helping the lower ones grow stronger, faster!

Are you active to very active?
Do you always participate in events & able to check in daily for active wars and ALWAYS complete wars?
We have an amazing team here and I’m always looking for longer term recruits that is why I don’t mind someone being level 60 I’d rather have an active, reliable and loyal 60 then a 300 whose going to jump to another team in a month.

Anyways if that sounds like you and your interested check us out :+1: Team name KittyNSausage
Message me in game Twitchx

We are platinum 4, but there are no small dragons here. Just dragons who eat smaller portions at dinner. Everyone is encouraged and supported. We will share wisdom, help with rss, and other game info. Our turnover rate is extremely low and its because we are friends who like to dragon, not gamers who tolerate each other. Theres a line chat room, and since most are US we might be a good fit.

Contact me in game, kaaaaat or come by the team page (strangedragons) and leave any of us a note or heck, just apply! We have a spot being held by an alt just for you!

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We’re gold 1 and have a mix of player levels - many are 50s, 60s, 70s along with higher level players. A lot of the team are in the US/Canada though many of us are all over the world. There’s usually someone on no matter what time it is!
We’re a friendly group - we help each other out, not just with wars and events but also xp runs, resources, general game advice. All we ask is that you’re active and take part in wars and events.
I’m pointycat and the team is Carnageiscomin. Message me or one of the other officers in game, or have a look at the team if you’re interested :grinning: I’m in the UK so may be a little slow in replying - the joys of different time zones!

SoloHunter is a great team. Lots of older working members and quite a relaxed atmosphere. Gold II right now as we build core group to move up as able. Feel free to try us out and if not a fit no hard feelings if you move on.

Hello hello! I’m recommending my team (ArkhamLegends, plat 4) because I think you’ll fit right in! Just come apply or message me (KillerFrost, lol) and we’ll get ya in if you’d like :grin::+1:t2:

Welcome on my team too DragonsLairCP. Never be left out with us. Be happy to make room

Hey, we’re TheSeekers & we want you.

Check out Dracoknights. We are a plat 2 team that is a mix of different timezones, mainly US though. Just message myself or one of the officers and we can get you in ASAP.

Thanks everyone I found a new team.

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Come and join us in wwdragons

Hey are you in the Central US timezone? My team has several people in that zone. Check out SeaSplashers.

Hello have you found a team yet? If not FurriesUnited is looking for active players always

We’re gold lvl 2 and mature we are currently rebuilding what we have and are members are friendly and supportive check us out wethechoosenfew and if your interested let me know I’ll send you an invite


We are a brand new team but we will be in Gold IV next league change and will be moving into Gold III most likely by the next one.

We are mostly moms and dads, 40 something’s, have been playing together for awhile. We are active mostly around 7-11pm Central and sometimes a bit later.

Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested. We have alts and inactives we can kick to make room for you.

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