Looking for an Atlas Team

Looking for an Atlas Team!

I’m level 135 and I’m looking for an p3 Atlas Active Team

Team should score 8/8 and 5/5 in all events.

My dragon roster include Sekhem, Rizar, Sekhet, Necryx, Nebulon and so on.

Pure free to play player
No elite account

If anyone want to recruit me in your team,
Msg me in game or here

My IGN is " XxxAxSxxX "

Question, are you able to hit 8/8 consistently yourself?


Yes :raising_hand_woman: I hit 8/8 5/5 every event…sorry, I’m bored :sweat_smile:

Since they’re looking for a team with those requirements, they probably achieve the same as well?

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Except breeding, I’ll hit 8/8 for sure in all the remaining events.
I always get short of egg tokens, I don’t know why?

Ah, egg tokens are always in short supply. At least timers can be crafted, but egg tokens depend on the tiny balloon missions.

That said, it would be best to send out riders on rider missions every day (send them out at the end of the day, because you won’t be able to use them for 12 hours) :persevere:

If your team has a castle, choose the egg tokens tribute. The other two rewards can be built.


Send em out twice a day and just have 5 spare riders you don’t need to cover all the elements :man_shrugging:


I suffer a lot when breeding comes.
As now I’m in a pirates team I’m habituated to glory runs :yum:

That’s the reason I want to join in a pirates team

Thanks! I guess that will be my goal then. I only have 2 spare riders at the moment :sweat_smile:

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You want a minimum of 5 sets to use and 5 sets of maxed elites for rider missions and then idealistically you’ll want to have a set of each mythic offensive and defensive but that comes with a lot of time and work as only 1/2 set of offence and defence gear per atlas season


Could I interest you in WildAsPhoenix? They’re an Atlas pirate team with a castle :smiley:

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Pirate with castle would be great :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

How is that a pirate team if there’s a castle?

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There are many teams like that.

:thinking: Well, they are a pirate team as far as I know. They recently got a castle according to @RuRu

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@Guyindacorner Someone’s interested in joining WildAsPhoenix :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Or I could be wrong and they’re not a pirate team :grimacing: I can’t seem to remember where I read that :sweat_smile:

Hopefully Guy will be able to confirm…

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Pirates can refer to a team with no castle, or a team with no alliance.
WildAP isn’t truly pirates as they lean towards one side of atlas politics, and have a castle.


Castle + the leader destiny saying they’re DOA + their OwNeR being on a doa/arachnid(?) team, they aren’t pirates.


No alliance would be alliance neutrality like bridgekillers not pirates

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Join Gotyourdragon. We have 1 vacancy. We are p4 and should go to p3 today. Just getting team into atlas and glory swapping. Good family team.

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