Looking for base feedback

I have been following Mech’s guide since I started this account. I’ve attached a photo of current base. I just hit 250 and I’m at the point where I need to start bringing up the back half of my main kill island, per the guide. I have one level 27 archer tower in storage. I have a few questions:

  1. Do I continue exactly as is and bring my cannon and archer tower up?
  2. Do I bring up cannon but start a frost flak (or other flak) and store the level 30 archer?
  3. Do I bring up level 30 archer, store canon and build a frost flak (or other flak)?

Any suggestions?

Thank you!


If you don’t spend a fair bit then I’d suggest that 2 flaks will be the max that you will have enough embers to keep them leveled.

Archer’s used to be what I preferred since their ss damage was more than other projectiles, but now that is no longer the case, the cannon has the added value of popping shields.

What ever you do max one additional tower at a time. A maxed second red mage is always a good choice to stick between farms and will be handy later on as you grow.


I currently have 120K embers

Not enough :slight_smile:

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So you’d suggest staying the course and leaving both the archer and cannon in place?

Personally I’d max the red, and pull the farms up behind your front five… but that’s just me. Lot’s of options, but like I said, if your kill is maxed and you are at the point of having to add another tower, just level one additional tower, whatever you pick. You will go back to just doing the main five and ignoring the sixth for a while and then coming back to it.

For now though get everything in the front as high as it can go. Looks like you still have levels to do on your kill first.

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If you consistently open your gold chests in fort, three flaks are possible without spending. But it will always feel pretty tight on embers, two flaks is certainly more comfortable. But also less strong of course…


That’s what I do. Open about 15 to 20% golds in fort and claim defensive riders and base boost each season.

Been toying with doing a 50/50 split between pvp and fort…

You didnt leave any room for the white mage tower…
Shame shame shame :face_with_monocle:

Don’t forget the ballista. And make sure to put it far enough in the front for maximum poison damage.



To get to 360 I need 8 towers. Two will be lightning towers. They’re a pretty good counter to dragons that combat the flak meta now.

So would you recommend (assuming embers aren’t an issue) shelving the level 30 archer tower on back of main island and replacing with another flak?

This…if you have the embers. But leave the archer tower in back and put the ice flak where the cannon is.

Yes if embers are no issue I’d replace all my legacy towers pretty much. But embers are almost always an issue eventually.

What about :
Cannon ==> ice flak
Archer ==> fire turret

Fire turret and Cannon have a very long supershot range.
Personally i would just replace the Archer with a fire turret for its long ss range andthe utility to increase the damage taken to the dragon by +13% .
Nothing else, just a Fire Turret where the Archer is.

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I believe you are mixing up the fire turret super shot and normal shot (don’t worry, this actually happens to a lot of people!).

The regular shot of a fire turret is that giant ball of fire that gets hurtled at an incoming dragon. The super shot is actually a thin stream of fire that has a much shorter range.

With that being said, a fire turret has a very low rate of fire and most skilled fliers can easily dodge the incoming ball of fire.

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Ehm,actually their supershots have a long range ( 90 ).
I think u are a bit confused :sweat_smile: dont worry, this actually happens to a lot of people :grin:

While their normal shot have 70 .
To do a comparison, Ice Flak Normal Shot Range is 83



:thinking: he might be on to something