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Time Zone:EST
Played time:2 years
Age Range: 30
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes:haku Gunnar aibrean
Highest Lineage Dragon:icicle


Garnet highest lineage at lvl 250? How close are you to emerald?

Well since he has icicle, it’s safe to assume that his next breed is an emerald of some type

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100 frags from emerald

Well. If you’re looking for a different team, xHellionsx is a Plat team. Fun, helpful people, active chat, consistently at the top of events.

We recently got Atlas by taking over a Gold team, and are warring our way back up. If you’re interested, shoot a message to XxxxTISxxxX.


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Check SoloHunter out if you’re a relaxed play busy life but enjoy war dragons type. No Atlas.

Hey, check us out at WorldOfFlames, we are a great team with a solid atlas background.

Look up warbirds! We are a plat 4 sometimes 3 team with atlas and a castle. Usually top 5 in events. We are a cool family type team that always help each other out with xp runs and resources. Good solid squad that has fun and no drama

Look at DragonsofOld. Plat 3 with 4 castles in Atlas. Easy going Team with many players of about your lv and pretty Worldwide. Only mandatory requirement: make your war run!!! :grin:

GODSnDRAGONS is recruiting. We’re a plat IV team with 3 castles(Working on getting more) We have a few requirements for team mates such as minimums for normal events and min. troop building, mandatory war wave attendance, etc. We’re trying to grow so that we can climb up out of our tier and be stronger. If you are interested, please let me know.

SandSlingers - Platinum 2, Active, Fun team. Laid back. Looking for an active fun new member. Contact @Daedalus in game or the lead if interested. We have Atlas and are very active.

Correction: Contact Dave051 :wink:

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