Looking for casual players who wanna have a good time

Hello fellow Dragon Lords and Ladies!
On behalf of my team - ALPHAoOoDRAGONS - I’d like to inform you all that we are currently recruiting!

Here’s a brief description of the team:
We’re an easy going lot in Platinum League with a few requirements and lots of flexibility. Life comes before the game and we completely understand if something pops up and you disappear for awhile. :wink: We don’t use any outside apps to communicate, keeping everything in game and fair play. We’re all in different time zones all around the world, but someone will often always be online if you need a hand and we accept all nationalities and cultures. We also joke around and genuinely have fun with each other. We can be quite the comedians.

We accept all players regardless of level and/or experience.
Doing war runs are highly preferred! Though, we’re not going to get angry at you if you forget (or sleep through a whole war like I did oops :grimacing:)
We have Atlas, but it’s not mandatory.
For seasons, we request that you get a minimum of 5k points per event and complete as many quests as possible. Again, we won’t get angry if you don’t reach these goals.
Unless you’ve contacted an officer or our glorious leader otherwise, your status must be at least ‘Active’.

Other than that, we try to have as much fun as possible! If you’re interested in joining respond below or message me/apply in game (we auto-accept!). If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them! :grin:

Hope everyone’s having a flaming good week!



You slept for 24 full hours? That’s impressive.


Sounds like fun!

What, sleeping? Yeah that does sound nice tbh

Do you want me to send you an invite?

Sounds like a team.

Thank you! Interest at all?

I just joined the team I’m on now. Not sure their the team for me. So, I’ll take a look at your team.

I don’t like to team hop.

All good! No pressure here. :blush: