Looking for entry castle

My gold atlas team is trying to rebuild
But I need a castle to make it a full fledge team
Anyone selling or giving away pls?

Give away a castle that’s something almost nobody is going to do

Here is a tip join a alliance dock at one of the alliance members castle tell them ahead of time and then farm and glory hunt to keep up and save troops till you can take a bloody castle!

There are line chats for that.

no more pirating? :sob:

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Yes, actually joining one of the larger alliances could boost your chances of getting a free castle or at least acquiring a castle then paying back said alliance in installments. Larger alliances may have teams that have entered the phase of having more castles than they can keep but have enough safe castles that they are willing to drop T2 access castles to allies who can be the gatekeeper. (I don’t really know but I’m guessing this is how it could work :sweat_smile:)

:eyes: I would like to know how to access these line chats…ok, I guess I have friends I could ask but, assuming OP doesn’t have atlas connections on Line or an alliance, how does one go about getting into one of these Atlas-real estate chats?

might wanna stay out of larger alliances for awhile until things get sorted after this… war.

Actually I’m enjoying it. Quite fun depending on what side you’re on :smiling_imp: