Looking for equipment - Platinum 2 or Superior


Seeking team where everyone, without exception, make a good amount of points in the events, plus they like everyone to make points in the missions of the team’s chest and above all that is reliable.
My level is 173, I am active and I do not miss any war.

Language: English/Spanish
Time Zone: Anyone
Age Range: 18
Elite Account?: More than a year


Sounds like you are looking for the perfect team.
I wish i could say we are, but we are not, we are however working toward it.
We are Fireand1ce in Platinum 1, we have a good average inpoints & reach quest chest 9 (working on getting to 10) and are looking for more active players to do so.
Have a look and send a message if you are interrested.



Have a look at ZenWarriors too, we’re definitely a team where everyone pulls their weight.

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