Looking for Glory Partner (lvl 428)

Until Atlas lag is fixed (lol) it is not worth the trouble trying to attack a castle. I am looking for someone around my level to swap with.

Language: English
Time Zone: Central Daylight/US (UTC-5:00)

My Base:

My Prims:
Bronze 2 Trapper (68/333)
Bronze 2 Taunter (90/178)
Silver 2 Destroyer (511/511)
Silver 1 Sieger (338/74)

I have line, we can use that to coordinate or create an in-game chat if that’s. Let me know if interested.

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you still use bronze pms? wth? :flushed:

Nope. I don’t use anything but my destroyer. That’s why the others are still bronze. :rofl:

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at least have the req. gp grinded to max out the pms as you don’t know when you’ll be joining back a real team.

-just saying to prepare for things that you can prepare for.

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I am on a real team, you jerk! :sweat_smile:

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The team name is live for war yet it is a gold team? Sounds like yall, in fact, do not live for war :rofl:

Had two wars last night. Not that its any of your business. :triumph:

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And we won one of them! At least!



You should say hello in alliance chat… :joy::rofl:

I’m in a group with a few folks who might be your cup o tea (or coffee, I’m not biased) I’ll send you the deets in game

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@moderators Please close. I have found a glory buddy.