Looking for good Atlas Team

LFT – 108 FenixRevengeP1

Language: English
Time Zone: Europe
Played time: 6 mounths - enough time a day
Age Range: 30+
Elite Account?: Yes
Highest Lineage Dragon: Legendary Platinum


I’m a very experienced player.

I love this game and I dedicate a lot to it, creating Breeding tables, improving bases, etc. etc.

I am looking for a team from P1 or Z3 or Z2 to be competitive in Atlas, with many castles in its possession and with an excellent alliance.

I participate in all the war, I make a good number of medals a week, I participate actively in the events to the maximum of my possibilities, I have a very powerful base for my level 11.6M of defensive power, I know well Atlas and all the game with the its rules and strategies.

If you are interested in my player profile contact me as well.

Apply for RoyalGuardians we are in P4. We can make room for you. PM ingame if interested.

Sorry, I prefer team P1-Z3 with 3/4 castel on Atlas

if 11.6M at level 108 is without gear, it is great.
are you hunter flier?

is there any platinum teams with that much expriance and that many castle i dont think so but i could be wrong there could be after the land opens after the 31 of july.

Yes, I’m a Very hard player, i like Dragons Hunter.

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