Looking For Guild(s) To Merge Into Ours

We are a non Atlas guild in Gold 2, looking for same to merge into ours. If interested pm me, and we can discuss it in more detail and go from there. One thing that will be required, and to expect is teammates from both sides to get chance to know each other, and see if merge would be good fit for everyone involved, and will open a group chat for that purpose :slightly_smiling_face:

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Do not matter
Age Range: 15+
Elite Account?: Preferred, but not required
Dragon Roster Includes: Optional
Highest Lineage Dragon: Optional

About Us:

We are a drama free and laid back guild that believes in teamwork and helping each other, therefore will expect same from you. Is required of everyone to be active, communicate with others in TC (as this is where we talk at mostly), participate in all Wars, Events, and Team Quests (as well as in Atlas when we get it). Our guild has a solid core of experienced members so help is always available. We believe life comes first, and are quite understanding if need to take time away from game, all we ask is to let us know beforehand if possible, so you do not get kicked for non participation.

Amman try steel company Guild?

You could try MikesTank team

Oh wait wrong game. My bad. I thought this was Ulala. I kinda forgot WD existed


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Hey morning :blush: Mike want to join :thinking::joy:

this is sparta is the guild to merge with message dopeychickn

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Not sure understand what mean :thinking:

What’s your team name?

What’s the team name and how many spots.
Do y’all want atlas?

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Guild name is NorthernWolves, and as told someone in pm, my members and I will not move, we agreed a long time ago on this, and they are happy having me as their Leader, been told and threatened even, if was to leave they would hunt me down, and drag me back home :joy: Our goal is to get Atlas once full, need 28 more members :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck. It is very hard to find players.

Thanks, appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

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ill join you guys im gettng back into grinding im f2p

Great! We’ll be glad to have yeh join :+1:

I normally don’t come to forums but Alpha asked me as a officer on team to help with this thread when she isn’t on. With that said see few posts and know the pms that were sent with more less counter offers in us joining a atlas team or what sounds to be negativity by saying well good luck it’s hard to find players. We have already known this for some time but like she’s said no one on our team is going to leave as we’ve been playing together for long time and we’re loyal to her due to fact that regardless of every obstacle or team problem we’ve ever faced she handles them with decisions and/or team rules that are best for the team as a whole along with standing her ground by being just as loyal to us in return. She’s a hell of a lot better and more of a leader than many and in all the ways that count in this game from helping everyone whether with advice answering questions to teamwork and strategizing events so we have chance to do well despite our numbers all while treating everybody with respect and fairness and expect same from us in return if don’t yeh will get called out on it and rightfully so as this a team oriented game after all. All have to say on this.