Looking for higher level members for Plat4 team for war/event support. At least 200 plus (If you’re like 198 but super strong via gear/ahead in breeding that’s fine too)


We have a great team. 50 members. Participation for the most part is not an issue (we’d replace the couple where it is sort of one ideally)

But we have recently been hit by teams that have multiple 200, 300, 400!!! Level members. It just becomes impossible to hit/defend against it. I’m looking to strengthen our team. If we are able to just slowly get stronger players, it won’t make these wars so daunting all the time. We win most of our wars still, which is the ridiculous thing. It’d be so much easier with a few stronger players.

I know this isn’t with the “template” but all I’ll say is “the stronger the better.” English preferred but not required. We have members from all over the world and we take pride in that fact. Chances are we have someone that speaks your language.

Now for the template because I discovered it below as I was writing this post

Please use this formatting for LFM Threads:

Looking for Members Title

LFM – Plat4LaViaDraconisLevel Requirement 190+


Language: English preferred, but open as we have players from all over the world
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Be at least active and participate in all wars/events barring some major life event or something
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Preferable but not required.
Dragon Roster Includes: Hau would be nice, but no hard requirements here
Highest Lineage Dragon: Bare minimum, sapphire. We have a lot that have platinum/gold, we need higher than that. Ideally at least garnet and higher.

About: I’ve already said pretty much everything. We are a very active, competitive and supportive team. We got to plat3 but lost a war there and were demoted to Plat4. A few stronger players would help this A LOT!

Thanks everyone,


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