Looking for home

Looking for a home but first lets go over what i have to offer.

1.) I have war wave experience, need someone to run waves? I will.
2.) Need to learn to run waves? I can teach you.
3.) Have players that need base help? I can help with that also.
4.) I don’t fly Kinnarus all day :wink:
5.) Willing to put effort into helping all players become beasts.

With that being said, I also would like a team that wants to move up. I need a challenge having hard wars makes me happy. I don’t want to be on a team who doesn’t challenge me.
Ovi this isn’t my real accounts name however if you are interested and think we would enjoy each other message me
( wait edit: there is a difference between being challenged and a team that needs a lot of help)

Wooooo my second name is Dixon

Maybe were a good match :joy:

Weird if we were related

i guess it would be a help if you tell about your level , dragons and experience. At least many teams have people who helps about things too i guess. Just as advise.

We welcome players like you. Pm me if you’re interested in our team

Hahaha this is how you tell he knows what he’s doing.

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Always interested in good active players. What is your level?

who said im a he :wink:

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Message me on game on this account and we can talk.

I fly Equester, Chimerak, Leos, Necryx, Gargula, etc. What ever the base calls for!

leos :disappointed_relieved:

War Waves are so last week. I’m more concerned in whether you can do War Puddles. That’s the new thing sweeping the game.


damn it I cant keep up with these new war things… clearly I suck

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Messaged you in game, but no reply from you - although you are clearly here on the forums.

Why not just tell us your real account so we can see for ourselves?

Have you found a home yet?

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