Looking for honest opinions

I’m hoping to get a mythic at some point, so I was wondering if my current savings would be enough to get my hands on one or if it’s better to keep saving for another season

Gold Chests: 75
Bronze Chests: ~ 320
Rubies: 55k

I usually get the 450 sigil prize with few exceptions
My team is in gold 1, no atlas and we’re mostly in the top 15

So, can I do it if I work really hard or should I keep waiting?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice :blush:

I think you can get one mythic. Beyond your personal savings your team should be achieving the final team prize in breeding and fortification events, pvp may be a stretch, and doing what they can to achieve the highest possible quest chest. Over a season these add up to a lot of sigils.
One of the keys for you will be completing the discounted dragon to save 15k sigils. Good luck and keep saving each season once you’ve achieved your mythic so you can do the same the following season!

Thanks! I think my team has only hit the final team prize once :sweat: , so that’s going to be a bit tough. I was only hoping to get one mythic in the first place since I haven’t gotten one before

There is about a 0% chance you will get a mythic with your current savings. Sorry


Oh well, I guess it was too much to hope for a miracle :sweat: thanks for being honest, I’ll just keep saving and see if I can get one another time :blush:


It is a big jump from diamond to gold :joy: I’ll take a look at those posts, thank you :blush:

Unless you either

  • plan to spend
  • are on a team that is going to get the 1200 sigil prize every single event
  • have about 300k rubies saved

then there’s pretty much no chance with that many chests.

The key to getting a mythic without spending is to save up your chests so you can finish the discount while it is still 50% off

I guess seeing a few people in lc got my hopes up. Thanks for being honest though, I’ll keep saving


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