Looking for ideas against hauhezen and calavore


I am looking for ideas to build a base layout which could maybe help lot of players. Instead of posting mine, and asking for help. I wanted to ask for your base layout. Which dragon attacks your base most? Could u defend it against?

What would u like to change?

There are too many base building guides for level under 100.

I am looking for opinions for base layouts level 400-500


Well flown, these dragons cannot and will not be stopped.
Any base will struggle against Zen or Cal with a master flyer. But there’s ways to stop/slow other dragons at least which someone will probably end up sharing


It seems to me that a base set up for Hau2 is weaker against Cal and vice versa. Against an average flyer ice flak in + red or blue mage in front and lightning towers + howitzer in back of a long island seems to be your best bet.


For hauhezen, no amount of blue mage will save you. If flown right you’re only an audience
For callavore double red full beam tower with storm


^ what they all said.

There is no real way to stop Hauhezen except to hope the flier makes a mistake.

Calavore, on the other hand, is limited by rage. What I like to do is force the attacker to use all their rage, then they’re a sitting duck. That doesn’t explain anything though, so I would say exactly what Kill said above me.


which one would u all prefer than?

I am not sure, if the first long base with several mage towers will take all rages. But this was long time my base layout (except howitzer, there was storm tower), until naja came out :smiley:

Than I choosed the second base layout, its great for naja. But hauhezen and calavore take it easily, or I am doing super shots on wrong towers (ice flak, blue mage, earth flak or storm)

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The 2nd one is better, however I would swap the pylon with the lightning in front of it.
The 1st one the mages are super easy to avoid with either Zen or Cal due to both of them having white cloaks. Same thing with 2nd one, without a baby IF on your rage drain they won’t get hit even then it can be avoided

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The first one isn’t what I would call a “good” layout in general tbh :sweat_smile: (many dragons can take that, the lightning towers would save you though)

^ this.


I personally prefer the long island of first one. Red mage covers back to make it harder for krelos. Blue mage helps to combat LJ. Neither will stop a hauz or cal in the hands of a good flier anyway, so may as well help against 2 active dragons that you can stop.

I don’t think experience flyer will get hit with the baby ice flak like at all ( yes my base has it)
Both zen and cal can easily blink out of it


I know it can be avoided. Just a lot of people mess up the timing if they dint focus on it like fools

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There’s literally no layout that can stop zen from my knowledge and i can usually think of one for most dragon ( even og haus surprisingly) but zen i have zero clue, i only pray that the flyer make mistakes

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OG hauheset in theory cannot be stopped unless you have multiple blue mages and a red mage. Even then it can be worked around depending on the rest of the base

Actually there’s a layout this is what i call “invisible blue mage”

That’s an interesting one…

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I just put a blue mage around this og hau will usually cant target the blue cause the thick ass mage is in the way best if it’s a lv 1 blue cause it’s really small so will be completely hidden from view

I have to get picks to try it I really want to be proven wrong here


Oh, that… that sucks
I believe it can be avoided but it is not easy. Specially if you babe an add on DG for the red mage after disabling it

Name it I will tell you the way to beat it

pylon, storm, double blue, a mythic hunter on the perch, fire flak. Zen can avoid the damage of fire flak but not the damage reduction effect. Try to stab him with pylon and let other towers do their job

Beams are useless vs cal tbh.