Looking for lower League Atlas Team


Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – lvl 284 +lvl 90

Language: English, German, Porthugese
Time Zone:central europe
Played time:1year
Age Range: 33
Elite Account?:yes, regular and atlas
Dragon Roster Includes:pathox
Highest Lineage Dragon:stormheim

About: i look not just for me but also for my wife who is lvl 90 and wants to play with me on atlas…so i left S1 to find a proper team for us


Send you a private message😉


Hi if ur looking for a team come to the FallenOnes
And u can bring ur wife as well kind regards Darkside


NewbieNoobs is a platinum 2 Atlas team, we’d love to have both you and your wife!



Love is taking a demotion to be together. Congrats on finding love bro.


Try hivequeen


Hi, I can offer you two spots in Upinthestars (plat4 going to plat3) we have pvp minimums and required activity in atlas but few of our members are under 100lvl and all requirements are adjusted to their abilities so your wife would fit in too. I have few members with low or none atlas activity, so I can make space immediately


Gollum gollum ,
Join Deathorhonor
Grtz skyjack my ghost



Please consider DracoGenus, my spouse and I just joined and like it here. We’re platinum 1 and have a great Atlas presence with built up infrastructure.

River :heart:


Thank you all very much for your interest…we found a place :blush:

Wish all the best and good luck to all of you!