Looking for members DeadlyCrew

~ Deadly Crew Recruiting ~

we are a team in gold, because i just started the team

I would like to introduce myself
I am BeautyOfDeath leader of this team.
I am a real team player, I would like to create a small online family,
where everyone respects each other, and everyone is there for each other.
bullying is a no go and is not accepted in our team.

I am looking for members who are active and participate in events and wars.
Everyone is welcome to join, when you are active and participate in events and wars
Atlas I don’t have yet. but I would like to work on that together.
I am also looking for officers, i prefer have a higher lvl so that we can help everyone easily.

are you interested

be sure to contact me here
or ingame chat or add me on Line App ID beautyofdeath_

hopefully see you soon

Greetings BeautyOfDeath :black_heart::pray:

Hi BeautyOfDeath :innocent: . Very respectfully stated, but to improve your new team’s recruitment potential it might be helpful to outline who you are as team leader, your aspirations for this new team in regard to league position and/or current position (assuming it is gold currently based on new status), player level you are looking for to help bolster the team, team dynamic you are looking to foster (atlas focused, pvp focus, just have fun with great friends :slight_smile: :blush:, etc.). I believe there is also a War dragons recruitment Facebook page too… might be good to put out some feelers there too. All the best to you :smiley:, and best wishes in the formation of your new crew of dragon family/friends. PICK :innocent:


Also @moderators would you kindly move this thread to LFM that way people have a better chance of finding this thread and hopefully take intrest in joining this team.

That there is, though Ive never used it. It pops up on my facebook when I search the game. So OP if you want, it might be smart to maybe branch off to thar as well.

Either way, a small helpful word of advice OP.

Creating a team and growing it, isnt an easy task. But just stick with it and slowly that little seed of a team will grow. There might be times where you feel like giving up, if thats the case then just step away from the game for a little bit, aka walking away for like a day. Recruiting can definitely feel like a second job, thats when its okay to lean on your officers to help you recruit.

Although I dont plan on leaving my current team any time soon, I will happily leaned you an ear(well eye really) if you ever need it. You can pm me in game any time op if your in a pickle with your team :slight_smile:

Best of luck~


Thank you very much for the info. :heart:
I changed my post.
You can always add me on line ?.
My ID is BeautyOfDeath_