Looking for merge - SUKZ2BEU

Looking for the right team to merge with… Players need to be atlas hungry and fun… 20+ spots and leadership for the right team/people :heart: Not worried about levels - Just people that are still passionate about the game… anything considered… Message me in game to discuss xx

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What happened to your castles?

Oh? Do they need to add an “S” to the end of their team name? :thinking:


Nope jus the U is fine :crazy_face:

We turned them all into SmlDickClinics :+1:


No seriously what happened? How will people want to merge if you got no castles?

So you do have castles? I’m so confused.

How do you know they don’t have a castle?

I keep an eye out on teams with a special place in my heart… :heart:

I thought the only way to tell a team is castle-less is to be on their team or have a mole. You got a mole? :eyes:

You realise castles have like owner’s name on them right? :rofl:


Other way to know is have an up-to-date list of all the castles in Atlas. Which I highly doubt anyone has …

I have eyeballs. And a brain that remembers stuff. Or I could write it down somewhere. Or I could ask people. :joy: I love you Sam. You’re so cute… :joy:


Anyway, I’m trolling in case no one notices… :joy:

They still have castles…

See ya :door::walking_man:

Love you too :hugs:. You’re so … interesting?


Saw this pic of you on a forum thread. It’s pretty unforgettable :grin:

Ah yes behold my glorious bod :muscle:

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