Looking for merger high plat/sapphire

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LFT – 224-MistressD – P3 want to go high plat to sapphire

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looking to do a merger with a high league team or a team looking to move up. Have the same drive and goal we do. Have core of 29-30 to place. All active players. I know a lot to move but wont leave them behind. If anyone is interested please mail me in game. MistressD. Thank you



I have a friend who just started a team and only has 20ish players at the moment. Currently gold because of the amount of players on the team, but with his 20 and your 30 you can make a complete team and it should be easy to push up to mid to high platinum.

He is a level 200+ with an active alt over 160

If you are interested, let me know and I can introduce you. This week is PvP and you wouldn’t be able to war a lot, but it should be easy to push your way up quickly when you can declare wars.

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Yea that be great! Can talk to him and check things out. Need change all I know struggling and it sucks.

Yea, your best bet is to merge low. There is zero chance you will be able to place 20-30 players in Platinum or higher unless you come across a team that has fallen apart and while that does happen from time to time up there, you would have better luck being torn apart in a Sharknado than waiting for that to happen.

Merge low and quickly level up to higher leagues

We are a gold 1 team that is looking to make its way back to platinum…should be able to make room for 20 players if everything makes sense.

I am currently in your same position, we should talk sooner than later. I will message you in game. Thank you :fire:

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