Looking for merger or active groups of players

Hi everyone! We are a very fun and active team looking to get better. We have 30 or so very active players who have no problem hitting team top level each event. We have a great presence in Atlas with 7 castles and an awesome alliance. We are super laid back and always have some form of shenanigans going on. We are looking to add 15 to 20 players by either merging or recruiting. If we can’t find a team to merge with we would love smaller groups to join us 1-10 players. We will have officer opportunities available if we have interested and active players. Please reply here or in game message me

We are currently in Plat 2 but we are usually a Plat 1 team. We decided to drop down until we can add to our team.

Our team name is


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League? Team Name?

We are currently in Plat 2. We usually sit in Plat 1.

Team name is ShankzNSpankz


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