Looking for my first guild


Hi everyone! I just started the game and I am on level 6 currently. I’m looking for a friendly and supportive guild that helps me to get more experience without any stress.


Your best bet is to just apply to a random guild that is less than 50 players… there are a number a platinum teams like that. Most of which have an auto accept. you may be booted once the team gets more players but it may be a good starting off point.


MysticMonsters will help you level quickly and help teach you how to play.


Wood like to invite you to are team


Thank you Draganheart but I already joined MysticMonsters’


Hiya I’m dragy leader of LegionPsychos we’re a friendly family oriented guild that helps members grow. All we ask is stay active, help teams with battles, and do all events. We would love to have you join us and we’ll help you grow. Apply for our guild… You’ll have a blast.


Thank you for the offer dragy, but I already have a blast with MysticMonsters :grinning: It’s a very friendly, supportive and active team, so I’m happy that I had the incredible luck to get a part of it.


Sera a tutti


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