Looking for new guild perfer platinum or up


IM A DAILY, EVERYDAY ALL DAY PLAYER. I live in this game,help others and help members level up. Yes i do pay to play this is my choose as i dont smoke, i dont drink. I have been a guild leader and in every guild of any game i have been a officer. I have play many games so im not new to much. I normal am login in about 8 to 12 hrs a day. I join every battle i can and defend every chance i can. I am a level 84 or hmm many its 85 . I have only been playing this game sence july of this year i think. I would like a good honest TEAM WORKING GUILD! Im sick of guild that u have to carry everyone and they dont know what team work is. I AM A GAMER! I would ask if u have room for maybe 2 other members. They are everyday players and have been with me since the beginning. They are level 30ish they carry thier weight and are very good people. SO IF U HAVE ROOM PLEASE MESSAGE ME. I will not move before the event is over. As i unfortunately have to much invested in this event!!



This belongs in the recruitment section.