Looking for New Owners

I am looking to rehome a T2 ice NML access castle at no cost to a team with 1 or fewer castles. Cannot be a shell team.

The area is quiet and it’ll be a great place to learn castle management.


whats ur definition of a shell team?

Probably a team of like 15 or less :woman_shrugging: or a team with not enough people to hold the castle

is op ur alt acc?

Nope. Just me guessing on what they might call a shell of a team

I consider a shell team to be an inactive team that is primarily used as a parking lot for alts.

I don’t want to give the castle to an inactive team that will simply turn around and give it to their main team that already has a lot of castles.

I want to give it to a team that is trying, wants a castle, and may not otherwise be able to obtain one.

My previous team, WarShadows18, is a well-populated, active team and from what I know they seem to be pretty new to atlas and only have 1 castle. I’m sure the leader wouldn’t mind an email about this.

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Thank you. I sent their leader a message.

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Hello Our team wants to own their own castle in Atlas. Now I’m active in a neutral castle, but my goal is to have a team castle and to continue to own it. Give us a chance

I will PM you. What team are you on?

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Thank you for your reply.
But another team that saw my wish earlier made it happen. And we are satisfied.
Therefore, we would like to decline your offer.
Sorry I didn’t say that.

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WarEnforcers will take it as we are a generous.


When last I looked 40 was more than 1 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’s just how generous they are


Too much math
1,2,3 ….uh what’s next😂

This has been rehomed .