Looking for new team (Applying)


Looking for Team (Applying)
Level 43 `GlrlOnFlRE is my nick.


Language: English
Time Zone:Eastern
Played time:Sportatically over the course of the day; Several times a day.
Age Range: 30s
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Prospero, Somnus Ember Aborious are my strongest now. I am only Level 43 but very ambitious, looking to move ahead in the game.d
Highest Lineage Dragon: About to be orange next breeding event (Savings lots of eggs at the moment)


Hi all. I am looking for a social team where most players are very active. I would like Atlas within the team I join and castles, a platinum, Quest Participation to a 250 chest, Communication an Guidance from upper level players, Constructive Feedback given and taken. Win most wars, score in top 20 of events. So you can tell I am a serious game player :). Looking to find a motivated team! Following Reds Breeding, never missed a war, and am an active participant in events.



You could apply with judgement day plat2 with atlas. Very good team with many different levels. Let me know have a good day


Legacyofshadow is looking for a player. Gold 1 strong, fun, active chatty team


Talk to havoc or azlady from pandemonium


Hello, my friend!
I would like to personally invite you to join RisingDragons!
We are a tight knit group with a strong core, excellent communication and great leadership. We are the family that wants to help strengthen and Level up, both you and your Dragons! We are the team you’re looking for! Join us!

JaWwZ :shark:


Hi we are small but active players, we are making are way up Wolfpack236. We have the fire to grow,the heart of attack and we don’t know when to stop. Would like to see you with us when we take those steps to the high ranks of battle. Have a great hunt thxz from the clan of wolfpack236


If you’ve found the forums already that’s a good sign. NightCreatures are in Plat 3, we’d normally seek out slightly higher level than you but we’ll always take an active player over a high-level one, and we’ll do our best to help you grow quickly. Message me in-game if interested.


If you are going to consider a team without Atlas, BlazedCrusade is recruiting. We are currently gold 1 (some members spread their wings and needed to move on) after making plat 4. We are looking for 100+ recruits to rebuild our strength but if you are a solid, loyal, and active member (willing to give your all to growing) then we welcome you! All we ask for as a minimum is participate in wars, do the best you can in events, communicate when necessary, and have fun! The team is always down for a fun conversation.

Message me here or in game at RogueSilence. I look forward to hearing from you!



Sorry guys … I have found a team tha I am happy with. Good luck!