Looking for platinum 3-4 atlas team

I’ve been playing since the games beginning. Level 279. Looking for platinum 3-4 team with atlas and at least one castle. Message me in game.

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Search di meeting hall : HotTubParty, Yautjaprime, Ajisaif, PyroFamily and etc. You can look in another posting ( Atlas Lotery for Gold and Platinum team) in Announcement

You could try applying for my team: DrakoElite. We’re in Platinum 1 and have Atlas. We don’t have a castle yet but we will soon since we’re currently stocking up on troops

2Dumb2Quit is in gold 2 moving up to plat 1 as fast as we can. We just went and got our team from silver last week. We don’t have a castle yet but will in the near future. We would love to have you and help us and you grow. Take a look at the team. And see if we are what you want. We are warring non stop to get back to plat1. Send me a mail in game if your interested:)


I am reaching out to you. We are trying to replace some alternate accounts. Looking your numbers look great and I wanted to personally reach out to you. We are a very active group and do participate in wars and events. We are the whole package deal we give freely on rss and XP runs. So check us out and see if you like what you see. We also have line chat along with a FB page if interested in that.

Burn’em Down,

Albertaunbound sounds like a team for you. We have 4 castles in Atlas and are part of an alliance that works well together. I can’t guarantee we will take you, but if you apply, our leader and other officers will decide.

Sandbagger alert!

Lol + 5 char

@HiLordAdonis do you already have a team?

I’ve been sandbagging (IF, Chests, Rubies) for 3 seasons now & looks like a 4th is happening. Is there a negative impact to the team (other than a delayed payout in points) that I’m unaware of? Seems like a sandbagger would be a great team addition due to the saved expendables & assuming the payout would be coming at some point.

Hope I’m not missing something :sweat_smile:

Still accepting at LegionofGodz just hit one of the officers which include myself.

No, sandbag away! This game is designed to reward players who want to take it easy and not be in any competitive situation so you’re just playing it the way it has been designed!

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In case you are interested in a fun, active Plat 4 team without atlas… come check out NorthernEmpire.

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